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Q. Is this content legal?  We're the only website with content licensed 

Q. Do i really get to download all the content I see?
All content on the site is free to download by anyone who comes to the site. All you need to do is to click the download button in the player.
All hentai videos are 480P or higher in quality.

Q. How come some hentais are censored? Do you provide any uncensored hentai?
Due to japanese law, majority of the modern day series have censorship. Any video or series that is uncensored will be tagged uncensored.

Q. How do I download videos?
It is quite simple to download videos. All you need to do is click the download button in the player.

Q: Is there a connection limit?
As for right now the connections are unlimited.

Q. I found a error what should i do?
Please report via comment, using the report button, sending us an e-mail, or tweeting us about it.

Q. I still have more questions not covered in this FAQ how do I contact you?!
You can contact us using the contact form

Download/Playback Questions

Q. When I press download it wont show up.
You could try one of the following. You could refresh your browser (In case the object loaded incorrectly), disable your ad blocker (The blocker might have blocked the link, or if none of those work, report it.

Q. I have downloaded a video but it freezes after some playback?
Please install the latest CCCP codec pack befor you send us a report.

Q. Issues with stream playback quality on browser
When on a Windows machine, using either Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11, you might see smaller issues such as aliasing in text or slight color shifts or larger issues such as no video or audio playing.

These issues do not affect all users of these browsers, and they are not in our power to resolve because they pertain to the way the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox decode HTML5 video on particular Windows machines.

You may be able to resolve them yourself by **disabling hardware acceleration** in your browser. Read on!

1. Open a new tab and go to “chrome://flags”
2. Find “Disable hardware-accelerated video decode” and click “Enable”
3. Restart Chrome

1. Click the Firefox button at the top-right of the Menu bar
2. Go to the “Options” menu and then click “Options” again
3. Click the “Advanced” tab at the top, then “General” below that
4. Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”
5. Click OK and restart Firefox

1. Click the Settings (gear) icon
2. Choose Internet Options
3. Select the Advanced tab
4. Check the box under Accelerated Graphics that reads “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”
5. Click Apply, then click OK
6. Restart Internet Explorer 11

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